With all the food and beverages we consume every day, white teeth can be difficult to maintain and achieve. The yellowing of teeth can also be caused by smoking or neglecting to maintain good oral hygiene at home.

Although teeth whitening can technically be considered cosmetic, everyone should take it seriously. You can make your life more enjoyable by whitening your teeth. This will allow you to be more confident in your smile, and improve your self-confidence.

Experience The Benefits Of Whitening:

Improves Oral Hygiene Habits

As we age, yellowing and discolouration of teeth can occur naturally. Everyone should make an effort to maintain their brightest and healthiest teeth. Patients who have had treatment are more likely to take care of their teeth. This not only improves the appearance of their teeth but also helps with their overall health.

What Are My Whitening Options?

You have two options to get the materials you need to brighten your smile. The other option is to purchase over-the-counter products. These have a lower dosage of active ingredients and can cause sensitivity. Your Central Coast dentist can also help you to determine the best whitening program for you. They will review your oral history and assess your current health. Professional whitening is the best option for brightening your smile and protecting your tooth enamel.

Professional In-Office And Take-Home Whitening

Professional whitening is available through your dentist. This means that you have more options for your whitening plan. We offer both in-office whitening services and customized at-home kits for adults (free of charge).

This system achieves the best results. It is faster than any other in-office treatments available and is safer than those that use harmful UV lights or goggles. This is the fastest method to see results. It’s ideal for those who have tight deadlines and need to look their best. In-office whitening is quick and easy.

You can also opt for our at-home whitening kit if you’re more interested. You will then receive your trays along with the whitening gel about a week later. All of this comes with detailed instructions on how to use it.

The Downfall Of Over-The-Counter Options

Although store-bought products are often cheaper, you may see poor results or require multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. This can make your teeth more sensitive and cause enamel to wear down, which can lead to poor dental health. You can also weaken your teeth by using the products incorrectly or overusing them.

You should not be prescribed any kinds of toothpaste, strips, or gels that you see in stores. These products may not be suited to your specific whitening goals. Our professional whitening systems control the concentrations of the whitening ingredients within the products to ensure you don’t get too many or too few of the essential ingredients.

How Do I Get Started?

Schedule an appointment to get professional dental whitening today. Check out Twin Lakes Dental to learn how you can save on your dental services, and get free whitening for life!

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