Driving is an expensive investment.

It is crucial to find the right instructor and driving school so that you can pass your test in the fastest time possible.

Driving is supposed to be fun, so don’t feel anxious as you learn.

This quick guide will show you five things that you should get from your lessons regardless of where you live or who you are with. If these sound like what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

You Should Be Driving, Not Reading Paper Resources.

You will need to consider the theory of driving at times. It can be easier to explain maneuvers or which route to follow across roundabout lanes if you can see them on paper.

You should be able to practice and learn new skills in the driving seat from your first lesson.

Good Feedback And Progress Reports

It is a long process from the moment you take your first drive to the moment you leave the test center. There is a logical order to learn the skills that you need. You won’t be able to reverse around corners until you know how to find reverse.

Your instructor should keep track of each step and give feedback as necessary. This will not only show how far you’ve come but also gives you a tangible record of where you are at the moment and what you should be focusing on.

It is also important to be able to give input to the direction of your lessons. If your instructor believes you have mastered a maneuver but you still feel it doesn’t feel right, you should be able to ask for more practice.

The end goal is more than passing your driving test. It’s about the experience you have as a driver on the road without any instructor or examiner. It is important to feel comfortable in all situations that might arise during your driving lessons.

A Sincere Appraisal

Instructors should always be open to honest assessments of your situation – constructively and encouragingly!

Many people have come to take driving lessons in Canberra after having bad experiences with other instructors or driving schools. One common reason was being told the ‘home truths about their driving which only did more damage to their confidence.

You should be honest with your instructor about when you aren’t ready to take your test. Putting you forward to take it before your chances of passing is a waste of time and money.

A Positive Attitude From An Instructor

Instructors should instill confidence in students and provide encouragement and reassurance, not stress. Your instructor should encourage you to be confident and not look for opportunities to make you feel bad.

Driving lessons should be fun, sometimes hard work but ultimately focused on your needs and enjoyment.

Excellent Value

Learning to drive can be a significant financial investment, especially when you consider the cost of learning and the costs of maintaining the car. It is important to understand that you are getting great value when you spend your hard-earned cash to finance the process.

Next Steps

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