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EV Charging Time And Speed Associated With AC and DC

The introduction of new technology accompanies several new jargon forcing customers to feel overwhelmed while navigating through the initial torrent of fresh information. Drivers are well-instructed about the petrol or diesel-powered cars’ ins and outs but electric vehicles [EV] are a new launch. It is an entirely new kind of vehicle with a totally innovative …


This winter, here are five reasons why your company should use floor mats.

Most businesses do not have that luxury. At home, you can remove your shoes at the entrance to keep the filth of winter isolated; however, most businesses do not have that luxury. Floor mats are your first line of defense against dirt, salt, and moisture tracked during the winter months. 1. Minimize Slips and fall …


8 Good Reasons To Take Driving Lessons From A Professional Driving School

As more automobiles appear on the roads and more people want to drive, proper driving lessons must be provided to our young and new learner drivers. We witness a lot of driving on the roads when there has been a dearth of suitable instruction given to license holders who appear to be breaking the regular …